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The Thai Wind Energy Association (ThaiWEA) is launching a new quarterly newsletter, "Wind News", and had made its debut in January 2016. It is our first official publication and expects more than 500 subscribers for the first two years and gradually increases in number. Producing exclusively for the Association's members to provide news/ reviews of seminars, events, conferences, resources and publications and keeps the membership informed of all wind and renewable energy industry contacts and activities. It is distributed nationwide to potential subscribers chiefly to Clean Energy Companies on Thai stock market, government agencies; include project developers, contractors, materials and equipment suppliers, learning institutions, and all other sectors. Our newsletter offers advertising space of various sizes available in printed and electronic version.

Publication Description

Wind News newsletter is a technology transfer media for prospect investors, particularly ThaiWEA members and subscribers. Published quarterly in a full color 8-16 A4 pages, its bilingual content (Thai-English) provides coverage of the latest renewable power innovation, clean energy development project and wind turbine products reviews, sponsors’ advertorials and articles/news on CSR activities, volunteer spirits and community participation on nature conservation. Wind News serves the need of communication tools when Thailand opens its door for free trade market in 2016 as part of AEC. Total of 4 issues throughout the year, Wind News brings in articles of interest to and from our association members and other professionals in the wind and clean power industry worldwide may contain association news and events, industry news include technology machinery, business information and management tips for your company. Please let us know if we need to reserve space for your advertisement no later than the 20th of the first month of each quarter.

Editorial & Subscription

Written especially for both Thai and English audiences four times a year, this ThaiWEA membership easy-to-read style newsletter will begin in 2016 to educate, inform and entertain target readers that good for those advertisers who want to take advantage of diverse multi-national readers, or aim your message toward a specific topic. Advertising is interspersed with editorial matter. Annual editorial/ advertising ratio: 60-70% editorial matter, 30-40% advertising. Periodically we’ll print a directory listing and stories on special events.

Circulation and target readers

Tentatively, our quarterly journal will have a printed circulation of over 200-300 copies per issue. All corporate members and subscribers receive a printed copy of the newsletter via postal service; non-members can pick it up on designated newsstands.Although ThaiWEA doesn’t have a large readership for now but in the future it could broadly reach decision-makers and policy-setters of private and government sectors including related organizations and institutions in the renewable energy field of Thailand. Wind News growing readership is targeted toward head of state-agencies, clean energy producers (VSPP, and SPP) clean companies on Thai stock market and more. If you want to reach out to all levels of Thai society and local communities, Wind News offers widespread exposure to market your businesses.

Advertise with ThaiWEA

Thailand wind industry’s first publication of knowledge transfer content, Wind News will be widely-read and well-received. Why not take advantage of our low advertising rates to obtain prospect customers? Advertising provides valuable revenue streams to subsidize ThaiWEA. You can make many customers aware of the goods and services you have to offer, at the same time help to support the association and its main channel of communication for all kinds of media. ThaiWEA is volunteer-run with a few paid staff; so we are supported solely by advertising, membership fees and donations.Invoice of advertising costs can be used as your company’s tax-deductible expenditure. 


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