34 CP Tower 3, Tower A, Level 4,
Phayathai Road, Thung Phayathai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok, Thailand 10400
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 17:00

About ThaiWEA

Thai Wind Energy Association

is a non-profit membership-based trade association.
Embracing the wind sector of Thailand, join forces Thai and international members from related organizations, institutes and companies. ThaiWEA works for the promotion and deployment of wind energy technology in Thailand.


– Provides a platform for the communication and cooperation of all wind energy.
– Advises and influences Thai national governments and international organizations.
– Enhances international technology transfer and offer advisory and investment.

Our Goals

– Increase negotiation power among members to deal with Thai government agencies, regulators and policy makers.
– Foster the development of Thailand based businesses associated with wind energy production focus on provincial small – medium wind farm projects.
– Boost opportunities for foreign investment in Thailand clean energy by implementing prefeasibility study and feasibility study.
– Offer access to data bank source of long term reference data for wind energy developers and wind farm production statistic in Thailand.
– Provide industry guidance and technical support with a cost-effective and stable alternative energy source with promotion of data/cost-sharing.
– Present a forum and seminar for key players to discuss concerns, analyze ideas and determine economic incentives and environmental benefit related to wind energy development.
– Attract wind energy manufacturing to extend higher technology of how to produce more electricity at lower wind speed.
– Encourage the linkage of wind energy to the capabilities in research and various knowledge transfer training programs, technical, engineering and other fields in Thailand higher education system.
– Promote the use of wind energy by persuading agricultural landowners to participate in leasing their lands for wind farm projects development.
– Supply input to Thai local, state, and national government relative to wind/alternative energy policy and regulation.
– Produce educational media to reach out to Thailand rural communities; Provincial Administrative Offices, SMEs, Cooperative Business Groups.

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