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Sustainable insurance policies and ESG integration

Updated: Dec 21, 2023


Thai Wind Energy Association (ThaiWEA), Aon (Thailand) Limited, and Krungthai Bank, will hold a “Sustainable insurance policies and ESG integration” in Ballroom 1, 3rd Floor at Okura Prestige Hotel, Bangkok on Friday 22nd September 2023.

The morning part: AON (THAILAND) invites many experts from the Aon Regional Singapore office on wind farm insurance as a speaker. Most energy-related investment projects are funded by project financing, which is a credit from financial institutions considering the project’s business feasibility as collateral in the form of Non-recourse financing. Therefore, insurance is a collateral that financial institutions attach great importance to. If a project requiring credit support cannot provide insurance as required by a financial institution, the project will not be able to access such financial support.

The topics

1. Project risks

2. Technology risks

3. Insurance for the Projects and market update

4. Lender’s insurance requirements for project financed

The afternoon part: Krungthai Bank introduction to ESG, Overview of Thailand Taxonomy, Financial Products Support in ESG Ecosystem, The Integrations of ESG Model between Bank Institutions, Thailand Regulators as well as Carbon Management System and Workshop business of ESG by FynnCorp Advisory Company Limited.

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