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ThaiWEA attends DEDE seminar

Updated: Dec 13, 2023


Thai Wind Energy Association, Mr. Isares Phamornniyom (President of ThaiWEA), Mr. Watcharapong Khemkaew (Vice President of ThaiWEA) and Gilles Beau (Wind Engineering Manager from The Blue Circle) attended the seminar to publicize the performance of the project to review the potential and improve the wind energy map of Thailand from Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) at The Twin Tower Hotel Bangkok.

In this project, DEDE has collaborated with Silpakorn University create a new wind energy potential map of Thailand to replace the original DEDE prepared in 2010. The new wind energy potential map has been developed by bringing the wind data obtained from measurements with 60 stations of 90 meter wind poles, including geostropic wind data (low, height and roughness of the area) and other data. The temperature and relative humidity of the air for the past 15 years ago will be used in the preparation of the new wind energy potential map.

The new wind energy potential map is obtained here. It will show more potential wind energy areas in different regions of Thailand at different altitudes, which will be useful for the development of mind energy projects in Thailand in the future.

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